Uncontacted tribe found in Brasil..

May 30, 2008

Just a bit of info I found interesting today…Enjoy!

An unknown uncontacted tribe has been found in the boarder of Brasil and Peru. In an attempt to prove the tribe really exists, the Brazilian government took a few pictures from an airplane. The shots show the red-painted tribe members brandishing bows and arrows.

Over half of the world’s uncontacted tribes live in Brasil and Peru, according to “Survival international”. Who also states that “civilized” contact with this tribes it is a crime against the natural world.

Disease is also a risk, as members of tribal groups that have been contacted in the past have died of illnesses that they have no defence against, ranging from chicken pox to the common cold.

Here there are some of the pictures…


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  1. They’re magnificent aren’t they!

    Check out my thoughts on them;


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