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June 13, 2008

Many thoughts on this especial day…today is Valentine’s day in Brazil….
I just got back from dinner…The restaurant we’ve been was a bit cheesy and there was a lot of older people dancing to old Brazilian music…

a) I want to take a ballroom dance class
b) So cute to see old couples dancing together
c) The owner is a bit drunk (she really was… I know her well)
d) I want to sing with the band…
e) OMG!!!! I AM singing with the band!!!

Anyways it was a fun night….and I am full of love…full of good memories!
A couple of weeks ago I found this video I did in 2004 for my Valentine….
It’s cheesy, funny but also super cute ( I am a romantic after all)…
it’s funny to see how young and different we looked…. I’m chubbier and Mr. Valentine 😉 had a afro!!!
Here it is…don’t laugh!!!!


Beeves, Cuba Libres, Caetano and a cheap serenade…

May 29, 2008

Brasileirada…hahaha 🙂
If you know me you know I have the memory of an elephant (amazingly though after all the damage caused, but that is another post…or not!:). If you know me you also know that I get super EMO when I remember something memorable of my / our past, or listen to a song that reminds me of good feelings…or funny situations!!

I get carried on, and that is why this blog exists in the first place….It might seem like some strange kind of torture to my friends and / or readers, but this is just how I discharge all of what is inside and recharge myself. Many many thanks to those who actually read it!

Anyways , yesterday I was listening to the radio and a song called Você é Linda by Caetano Veloso came up (My brazi friends know this song…in fact I don’t think there is a single living soul in Brasil that doesn’t know this song) , as I was listening to it , I kept thinking of Beeves…….

Beeves was my 2nd boyfriend, about 14 years ago…He had an amazing long blond hair, much prettier than mine, he had a “cool” attitude about life, he introduced me to many things, some of them still being used at this present time, and he loved MPB (música popular brasileira)…

Beeves, Beeves….he was also super funny…and super tight…cheap I mean…When I finally came to my senses and broke up with my tree hugger, hippie Beeves, It was funny!! Beeves did the unthinkable and actually ran after my mom’s car (the whole time I was thinking he was going to do something romantic like stop the car and say he couldn’t live without me, and for 20 seconds I even reconsider reconsidering my decision but NO!!!!!). In the end Beeves just wanted to ask me for the 5 bucks that I had borrow from him the week before!!!(and yes the entire time I was breaking up with him, inside his house, my mom patiently waited in the car outside..I was only 15 and I needed a ride!!).

Did I say cheap??!!

So yes, back to the song… Você é linda by Caetano Veloso…Beeves once serenaded this song to me, from his backyard while I was watching from his bedroom balcony, during a party, we were very very drunk of rum and coke AKA Cuba Libres (if u Brazi u know what I mean)…The drink was shit, Beeves was kinda shit (in a cute way of course;) ) but it was worth it, this is actually a beautiful song and that was actually Beeves best moment, in my head of course!
I’m sure in life he had many many more!!

Here is the video of the song!!