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Life itself by Dr. Nonsensee

February 11, 2009

People often ask me, are you happy??

When asked I often think- uhmmmm, if I am nor super happy, or very sad, what am I?? Do you know?  It’s a hard question to answer because people are not happy all the time, and people don’t want to hear how  unhappy  you are! (if that’s the case).

The reason why I’m posting this today is because I woke up and felt very happy,  whole as an orange…hahaha:)

I like my job, my partner, my house, my dogs, my plants, my weight…

But that is today tomorrow is a new day and who knows?!

I think people should be allowed to feel however they like!

Nonsense… this post…maybe?!!

I just feel like sharing!



a while….

August 17, 2008

Long time and nothing….

I know!!! I haven’t had the time to do anything! I had a crazy year, really REALLY insane with tons of random things happening, some good, some so so sh$tty, and some very sad….

It’s calming down as work requires all of my time basically…. but yes, it has been crazy …

So many things to talk about….

1) I miss you Biba, you are very special and you will never be forgotten!

2) Teacher Rosangela and Mr. Arnold I would love to apologize for being a brat in school, I understand how hard it is to teach a class full of brats!

3) Sabrina, you are strong, beautiful and you are going to overcome all of this, I just know it!!!

I cannot believe so many things have happened, in such a short time, live and learn, that is all i can take from 2008 so far!

When My Mind is Still

When my mind is still and alone with the beating of my heart,
I remember things too easily forgotten:
The purity of early love,
The maturity of unselfish love that asks —
desires — nothing but another’s good,
The idealism that has persisted through all the tempest of life.

When my mind is still and alone with the beating of my heart,
I can find a quiet assurance, an inner peace, in the core of my being.
It can face the doubt, the loneliness, the anxiety,
Can accept these harsh realities and can even grow
Because of these challenges to my essential being.

When my mind is still and alone with the beating of my heart,
I can sense my basic humanity,
And then I know that all men and women are my brothers and sisters.
Nothing but my own fear and distrust can separate me from the love of friends.
If I can trust others, accept them, enjoy them,
Then my life shall surely be richer and more full.
If I can accept others, this will help them to be more truly themselves,
And they will be more able to accept me.

When my mind is still and alone with the beating of my heart,
I know how much life has given me:
The history of the race, friends and family,
The opportunity to work, the chance to build myself.
Then wells within me the urge to live more abundantly,
With greater trust and joy,
With more profound seriousness and earnest service,
And yet more calmly at the heart of life.

Paul Beattie


Porto Alegre, Tchê!

June 19, 2008

I just recently went to visit my family in Porto Alegre. Despite all the sad news I’ve been receiving lately from that side of BRASIL, I had a great time with my family and friends. First night, I arrived and went to my cousins bday dinner/gathering, then after that I went to a club called “Chairs” with some of my favorite girls and my bff 🙂 Pedro de Pacas. As we arrived to the place Pedro said, I’m not sure guys, this place cost a lot and it is late, plus it looks fancy in there!….Aninha tried to bribe the security for half price but nothing. Then when we were about to leave and go home a familiar person came out and said:

– hummm you shouldn’t go in now, it is insane in there! All the good people have left and now only the crazy ones are left !

That was like a letter of recommendation! Pedro no longer was worried about the price, and Aninha was willing to pay double!! We immediately thought let’s go in! It wasn’t that crazy but as we went in and reached the dance floor, we all looked at each other in a weird kinda way. Maybe it was the cheesy trance music or all the people that were so into it! We don’t know what was going on but we sure had to a lot of laughs!!!

Thoughts on the crazy club were:

A) I no longer know how to dance to electronic music..

B) I understand that people must be on drugs to listen to that sh$t.

c) Is that time of the year again (winter)!! The women are looking orange!!!

d) Finally!! I know one song!!! (it was a weird remix with pump the jam by Technotronics)

e) is it a plane, a monkey, a human??? OHHH!!! Just guy on “e” dancing in a (hum mm) indescribable way!

f) Do you need a fork and a knife to finish her off?? (a couple doing more that just making out)

Not my type of party or my friend’s type of party but I can’t say it wasn’t fun!


Crazy and saints…to my real friends!

June 3, 2008

Real friends are the ones that are there for you when you need it, but not only that…they are there when you don’t need it too. Real friends are honest, real friends can tell you everything, there are no secrets between good friends.

There is a text by an unknown writer that I think is perfect! I couldn’t agree more…


I choose my friends not by their skin or other archetype, but by their eye pupil.
It has to have questioning shine and unsettled tone.
I’m neither interested in those who are of good spirit nor those of bad habits.

I’ll stick with the ones that make me crazy and blessed.
From them, I don’t want an answer, I want to be reviewed. I want them to bring me doubts and fears and to tolerate the worst of me.
For that, only being crazy.
I want saints, so they don’t doubt differences and ask forgiveness for injustices.
I choose my friends for their clean face and their
exposed soul .
I want a shoulder to lean on; but I also want their greatest happiness.
A friend that doesn’t laugh together doesn’t know how to cry together.
All my friends are like that, half foolish, half serious.
I don’t want foreseen laughter or weepings that are full of pity.
I want serious friends, those that make reality their fountain of knowledge, but also fight to keep fantasy alive.
I don’t want adult or boring friends.
I want half kids and half elderly.
Kids, so they don’t forget the value of the wind blowing on their faces and
elderly people so they’re never in a hurry. I want friends to know who I am. I want to see them being clowns and being serious, crazy and saints, young and old. I will never forget that normalcy is a sterile and imbecile illusion.”


Guillermo Habacuc Vargas…a real monster!

May 29, 2008

How can some people be so mean? When I come across news like this one, I just wonder how can people find justification or just plain consciousness relief to go ahead and be so cruel…

Guillermo Habacuc Vargas (an artist from Costa Rica) had the nerve to put a starving, thirsty puppy, tied up on a small rope, inside the BienArte 2007 in Costa Rica ( Bienal of visual arts in Costa Rica), and called it a form of art. He prohibited anyone to feed or give it some  water. The puppy soon died. The name of the exposition was ” You are what you read” and it was written in dog food on the wall right next to the starving dog.

How can anyone use the name ART for such an inhuman atrocity!!!! Please if you’re also wondering you should sign a petition that will stop him from representing Costa Rica in the next “Bienal Centroamericana Honduras 2008”. Here is where you can go to sign it:


Bom Dia!

May 28, 2008


I am not a writer or a journalist, I am just a girl with lots of thoughts and this is where I am gonna relieve myself every other day! Yes!! Because a girl like me, needs to share… There are too many things going on in this head of mine! Here in this Blog I’ll write about everything , things I like, things I dislike, And things I find funny! I hope you enjoy it!!!

Starting from Zeroooooooo….