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The most beautiful songs…

March 19, 2009

I love music…I can’t live without it!

I was just thinking of all the great songs that have inspired me throughout the years.. THERE ARE SO MANY !!!!!

To me, today [tomorrow I may change my mind], one of the most beautiful songs ever has got to be “cigarettes and coffee” by Otis Redding!

So enjoy…I’ll keep posting them!


Porto Alegre, TchĂȘ!

June 19, 2008

I just recently went to visit my family in Porto Alegre. Despite all the sad news I’ve been receiving lately from that side of BRASIL, I had a great time with my family and friends. First night, I arrived and went to my cousins bday dinner/gathering, then after that I went to a club called “Chairs” with some of my favorite girls and my bff 🙂 Pedro de Pacas. As we arrived to the place Pedro said, I’m not sure guys, this place cost a lot and it is late, plus it looks fancy in there!….Aninha tried to bribe the security for half price but nothing. Then when we were about to leave and go home a familiar person came out and said:

– hummm you shouldn’t go in now, it is insane in there! All the good people have left and now only the crazy ones are left !

That was like a letter of recommendation! Pedro no longer was worried about the price, and Aninha was willing to pay double!! We immediately thought let’s go in! It wasn’t that crazy but as we went in and reached the dance floor, we all looked at each other in a weird kinda way. Maybe it was the cheesy trance music or all the people that were so into it! We don’t know what was going on but we sure had to a lot of laughs!!!

Thoughts on the crazy club were:

A) I no longer know how to dance to electronic music..

B) I understand that people must be on drugs to listen to that sh$t.

c) Is that time of the year again (winter)!! The women are looking orange!!!

d) Finally!! I know one song!!! (it was a weird remix with pump the jam by Technotronics)

e) is it a plane, a monkey, a human??? OHHH!!! Just guy on “e” dancing in a (hum mm) indescribable way!

f) Do you need a fork and a knife to finish her off?? (a couple doing more that just making out)

Not my type of party or my friend’s type of party but I can’t say it wasn’t fun!


Dictatorship in Brasil…

May 28, 2008


On the same year the Brazilian national soccer team won (for the 3rd time) the world cup, the torture and disappearances, of those against general MĂ©dici regime, were constant. Chico Buarque wrote the lyrics of “Apesar de vocĂȘ” (VocĂȘ = you= MĂ©dici) and he was sure it wouldn’t pass the censorship, but it did and it was recorded. The Lp reached the sales mark of 100,000,00 copies when a small paper insinuated the lyrics were about MĂ©dici. Police invaded the record company and destroyed all the copies. The song would only be recorded again in 1978.

Here below are the lyrics:

Apesar De VocĂȘ
(Chico Buarque – 1970)

Hoje vocĂȘ Ă© quem manda
Falou, tĂĄ falado
NĂŁo tem discussĂŁo, nĂŁo.
A minha gente hoje anda
Falando de lado e olhando pro chĂŁo.
VocĂȘ que inventou esse Estado
Inventou de inventar
Toda escuridĂŁo
VocĂȘ que inventou o pecado
Esqueceu-se de inventar o perdĂŁo.
Apesar de vocĂȘ
amanhĂŁ hĂĄ de ser outro dia.
Eu pergunto a vocĂȘ onde vai se esconder
Da enorme euforia?
Como vai proibir
Quando o galo insistir em cantar?
Água nova brotando
E a gente se amando sem parar.
Quando chegar o momento
Esse meu sofrimento
Vou cobrar com juros. Juro!
Todo esse amor reprimido,
Esse grito contido,
Esse samba no escuro.
VocĂȘ que inventou a tristeza
Ora tenha a fineza
de “desinventar”.
VocĂȘ vai pagar, e Ă© dobrado,
Cada lĂĄgrima rolada
Nesse meu penar.
Apesar de vocĂȘ
AmanhĂŁ hĂĄ de ser outro dia.
Ainda pago pra ver
O jardim florescer
Qual vocĂȘ nĂŁo queria.
VocĂȘ vai se amargar
Vendo o dia raiar
Sem lhe pedir licença.
E eu vou morrer de rir
E esse dia hĂĄ de vir
antes do que vocĂȘ pensa.
Apesar de vocĂȘ
Apesar de vocĂȘ
AmanhĂŁ hĂĄ de ser outro dia.
VocĂȘ vai ter que ver
A manhĂŁ renascer
E esbanjar poesia.
Como vai se explicar
Vendo o céu clarear, de repente,
Como vai abafar
Nosso coro a cantar,
Na sua frente.
Apesar de vocĂȘ
Apesar de vocĂȘ
AmanhĂŁ hĂĄ de ser outro dia.
VocĂȘ vai se dar mal, etc e tal